A Hearing Test Is An Important Health Consideration

Figuring it out, what would be best for the individual himself who is having hearing problems would be difficult. The first thing that a person with hearing loss has to do is to get his ear tested and find out the extent of hearing loss is there. The hearing test doctor may suggest the what kind of hearing aid would be good for your usage and discussing its suitability and functionality with you will give you a clear idea of the options you have. Grab more knowhow from a Hearing aids clinic like https://kelownahearing.com

  • There are newer technological options
  • Different styles and colours to choose from
  • Different kinds of materials are being used from plastic, fibre to silicone to fit the needs of all.
  • Whether the user wants an ITE or BTE kind of hearing aid, which fitted in ear or fitted on the outer ear.

Persons who already wear hearing aids but want to upgrade their aids can also consider the above options in consult with their doctor. Hearing Aid Audiology states that outdated devices along with the degree of hearing loss problem can be solved with the new age devices which have more features and also comfortable.

Issues to deal with when choosing hearing aids

Persons with dexterity issues will have to mull over whether he can handle smaller aids fitted into the ear.

The person with lesser activities and is more home bound can do with BTE devices and ear moulds as these are easier to take care. With this you could get a whole range of assistive listening devices such as amplified telephones, door bells which flash when rung, smoke detectors, bed shaking alarms, and to amplify the television volume.

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss it is better to go in for completely in canal, in the canal or receiver in the canal type. These are quite discreet and comfortable for usage. The additional and advanced features that these hearing aids provide are unbelievable such as they filter noise, directly connect to phones or other public assistive listening devices. They adapt to different environments by suppressing feedback when necessary.

If you have a sever loss of hearing then you may have limited options as the devices used will have to be a little bigger and can go in for BTE hearing aid and ear moulds. Options of ITE and ITC hearing aid are available too. Here powerful amplification is required for the user to understand and give the required feedback. Here these can be customised according to your hearing test results, the ear size, the amount of ear wax formation in the individual and the preferred choice of hearing aid of the individual.

The other kinds of hearing aids available in the market are

  • Lyric hearing aid
  • Oticon hearing aid
  • Phonak hearing aid
  • Siemens hearing aid
  • Resound hearing aid
  • Starkey hearing aid
  • Unitron hearing aid
  • Reston hearing aid
  • Sonic hearing aid
  • Widex hearing aid
  • Sound bite hearing system

All the above have different features, colours, technological advancements etc to suit individual needs also.